An AS lord or war-lord; also used of God.

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  • dryhten — m (dryhtnes/dryhtnas) a ruler, king, lord, prince; the supreme ruler, the Lord, God, Christ; chiefly used for God and Christ …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • dryhten — lord …   The Old English to English

  • lord — dryhten …   English to the Old English

  • Names of God in Old English poetry — In Old English poetry, many descriptive epithets for God were used to satisfy alliterative requirements. These epithets include: Main Name (Old English) Name meaning Attestations Cyning King wuldres Cyning King of Glory The Dream of the Rood[1]… …   Wikipedia

  • Druhtinaz — The Skern Runestone states that a man was hin drottinfasta or loyal to his drott (lord). *Druhtinaz (Old English: dryhten, Old Norse: dróttinn, Old English Middle English: drihten, Middle English: driȝten)[1 …   Wikipedia

  • Drightin — (Old English: dryhtin , Old Norse: dróttin ) was a northern European title for nobility corresponding to prince in a broader sense. The Scandinavian name for Queen, drottning is derived from this title. After Christianisation, the term began to… …   Wikipedia

  • Дроттинн — Средневековая Скандинавия Сословия   …   Википедия

  • dryhtin- — see dryhten …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • esne — m ( es/ as) 1. a man of the servile class, a laborer, slave, servant, retainer; 2. in a more general sense, a servant; 2a. youth, young man, man; 3. scholar [Goth asneis]; a man of mark, a learned, brave, etc. man; 4. a man; The esne was probably …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • nama — m ( n/ n) 1. name (as the individual designation of a single person, animal, place, or thing); mín nama is Adam my name is Adam; 2. noun, the particular word used to denote any object of thought not considered in a purely individual character;… …   Old to modern English dictionary

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